The Product Development Team at Versa is composed of a group of engineers that have individual skill sets but almost all the products they develop tie back to ergonomic engineering. This is because Versa Products is on a mission to develop innovative technology that improves our customers’ lives.

So, what exactly is ergonomic engineering?

Well, ergonomic engineering is an interdisciplinary science that uses established knowledge about human capabilities and limits to design products that people can use in their homes and at their place of work (Source: IEA). During World War II, the U.S. focused its efforts on improving the work conditions for soldiers which would ultimately increase the efficiency of the U.S. Military (Source: Wickens & Hollands, 2000). The commercial sector saw the value in providing a healthy work environment for their employees which is why corporations began applying the knowledge from ergonomic engineering at their offices. Today, the field of ergonomics is recognized as a legitimate science and the International Ergonomics Association is the “federation of ergonomics and human factors societies [from] around the world” (Source: IEA).

There is a continuously growing body of research literature that ergonomic engineers use to develop new technologies that can be integrated into office environments. This is exciting for Versa’s Product Development team because they are constantly looking for solutions to environments that prevent our customers from pursuing/maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Interested in a career where you can apply your knowledge about ergonomic engineering and design products that add real value in people’s lives? Check out our Careers page for more information about open positions – our HR department is always looking for new talent that can contribute to the Versa team.

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