The Sunrise Desk

Versa Products is excited to present the Sunrise Desk – the newest edition to the Versa Products adjustable desk series. This desktop converter has the most quiet and sturdy electric motor available on the market right now!

With manual sit-to-stand desktop converters, you may put stress on your back while trying to adjust it or knock over items on the surface top but with electric-lifting units, this concern is eliminated.

A main feature that sets the Sunrise Desk a part from other electric-lifting sit-to-stand desktop converters is that it includes a tiltable VESA plate that has 360 degree rotation capability! What this means is that you can adjust the monitors to your preference: landscape or portrait.  So, it doesn’t matter what kind of work you are doing at your desk, you can adjust your monitors to a comfortable viewing position.

The Sunrise Desk is best for professionals that have limited space on their conventional desk to place a desktop converter – it is compact while still maintaining a larger, usable workspace on the desktop converter itself.

Now available at the eCommerce stores, Zero Gravity Tables and VersaDesk!