Results from research studies continue to demonstrate the positive effects that standing has.

How can a sit-to-stand desk change your life?

  1. Burn more calories: You can burn over 170 extra calories by standing for a few hours (Buckley, Mellor, Morris & Joseph, 2014; see MacEwen, MacDonald & Burr, 2014 for a systematic review).
  2. Reduce glucose spikes: Alternating between sitting and standing for 30-minute periods can reduce spikes in blood sugar after eating (Thorp et al., 2014).
  3. Exercise alone is not enough: Exercise alone is not enough to eliminate the effect that prolonged sitting has on your insulin levels, however, decreasing the amount of time you spend sitting and replacing the time with minimal intensity activity (defined as standing in this study) can result in a statistically significant reduction in your insulin levels (15%) (Duvivier et al., 2013).
  4. Reduce neck and back pain: Using a sit-to-stand solution can help reduce back and neck pain: Pronk et al. (2011) found that alternating between sitting and standing throughout the work day reduced upper back and neck pain. Some of these improvements were negated two weeks after post-removal of the sit-to-stand desks. Additionally, Ognibene, Torres, von Eyben & Horst (2015) found that sit-to-stand desks reduced chronic lower back pain.
  5. Improve cognitive well-being: Higher energy levels along with reduced stress and fatigue levels have been found in self-reports (Pronk et al., 2011). MacEwen, MacDonald & Burr (2014) found in their systematic review that standing can “lead to reductions in work stress, discomfort and psychological strain, while contributing not only to increases in productivity but also to greater worker satisfaction and quality of life.”

6: Life longevity: A generally sedentary lifestyle is associated with an increased risk of “all-cause mortality, cardiovascular disease mortality, cardiovascular disease incidence, cancer mortality, cancer incidence, [and] type 2 diabetes incidence” (see Biswas et al., 2015 for a systematic review). If we apply the previously discussed studies to this systematic review, perhaps having the choice of sitting or standing throughout your day can lead to a healthier and (less) sedentary lifestyle.

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